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San Fernando Valley Business Journal - "Team Player" (06/12/2016)

From the NFL to the Metro board, Mel Wilson has gotten ahead by getting along with people who help him realize his dreams.
Mel Wilson, 63, has assembled a long list of civic and business achievements in the San Fernando Valley. His career started when he played football for California State University Northridge, and was drafted into the National Football League. After an injury that cut short his football career, he opened a residential real estate business, Mel Wilson & Associates-Realtors...Read More

Inman News - "How to Solve the ‘Aging Agent’ Problem in Real Estate" (06/30/2016)

Industry leaders lay out fears surrounding the imminent retirement of a significant number of agents.
At 63, Mel Wilson could be forgiven for simply minding his own business, making the most of the final decade of his real estate career, running his brokerage, sitting on industry committees and then signing off...Read More

Real Estate Broker's Insider (08/2016)

In effort to recruit young agents, brokers stress flexibility.
Los Angeles broker Mel Wilson can’t help noticing the graying of the agents in his office. Wilson runs the 38-agent Mel Wilson & Associates, and he fears that the aging of the agent population imperils an entire industry.
“In the last 10 years, the Realtor population has gotten older,” Wilson says. “It’s not just an age gap any more. It’s more of a technology gap...Read More

Pasadena Star-News - "Why is home ownership declining? There's one big reason..." (08/18/2016)

Homeownership rates have fallen in Southern California and nationwide. Strict lending standards, tight housing inventories and damaged credit...
Mel Wilson, broker and owner of Mel Wilson & Associates Realtors in Northridge, said buyers who make offers on homes listed below the median price...Read More

Los Angeles Daily News - "Not enough houses are being built" (09/13/2016)

Fewer California homes went into foreclosure last month. What does that mean for home prices?
Mel Wilson, broker and owner of Mel Wilson & Associates Realtors in Northridge, agreed that home prices have escalated. But builders, he said, are behind the curve...Read More

Los Angeles Daily News - "This one statistic says a lot about the impact of California's expensive housing market" (11/09/2016)

Recent reports show that high home prices are prompting many California homeowners to sell their homes, pack up and move out of state.
Mel Wilson, broker and owner of Mel Wilson & Associates Realtors in Northridge, said many people who are near retirement or living on a fixed income are looking for a less costly lifestyle...Read More

Pasadena Star-News - "Millennials were avoiding buying homes, until now. Here’s why..." (12/02/2016)

The nation’s housing market in 2017 will be punctuated by an increasing use of drones, millennials stepping up their homebuying and uncertaintly over how a Trump presidency will play out.
Mel Wilson, owner of Mel Wilson & Associates Realtors in Northridge, figures it will be a mixed bag...Read More

The Street - "Are the Days of Real Estate Agencies Numbered?" (12/10/2016)

With mobile technology on the rise, expect more real estate agencies to close shop, industry experts say.
There is some buzz in real estate circles that a large percentage of U.S. realtors will close their doors over the next decade, primarily because they resisted mobile technology. That's the sentiment from Mel Wilson, a real estate broker and owner of the real estate firm Mel Wilson & Associates in Northridge, California...Read More

Los Angeles Daily News - "Valley forum to focus on housing for middle-class workers" (01/22/2017)

It is not a new idea but it is a problem that is more vexing than ever, especially here in the San Fernando Valley.
Mel Wilson, the Realtors association’s government affairs director, notes that if a person is earning less than $100,000 they are likely not able to buy a home...Read More

Los Angeles Business Journal - "Realtors want to make Homes for Middle Class" (01/30/2017)

A number of other states are aggressively marketing to attract businesses in California
Affordable housing for the Middle Class in Los Angeles would cost $500,000 or less, according to Mel Wilson, of brokerage Mel Wilson and Associates in Northridge and government affairs director of the Realtors association...Read More

REB Business Online - "CRE Firms must Embrace technology, adapt to Global Markets in 2017" (01/2017)

With new technologies, new U.S. leadership and new emerging global markets ringing in the New Year, now is the time for commercial real estate firms to get serious about their longevity in 2017 and beyond.
By most accounts the U.S. has the largest economy in the world, followed by the European Union - until Great Britain makes an exit - and next China...Read More

KPCC - "California housing shortage puts the squeeze on middle-class workers. What can be done?" (02/08/2017)

For the last two years, Amber Bowser has driven an hour-and-a-half every day to and from her home in West Covina to work at a car rental service in Van Nuys.
Mel Wilson says it’s middle-class workers who are being squeezed. “They have too much money to qualify for low down payment subsidies, and they have too little money to qualify to purchase a home,” he said...Read More

Los Angeles Daily News - "Middle-class workers can’t afford to buy homes in L.A. County and the future looks dim" (02/09/2017)

Middle-class workers in California are struggling to find homes they can afford. Home prices keep rising because of tight inventories and not enough new construction.
“We know there are challenges with the homeless and transitional housing, but we don’t give enough attention to our middle class worker,” Mel Wilson, Southland Regional’s government affairs director, told the group...Read More

Los Angeles Daily News - "Report advocates infill development to boost California’s housing supply" (03/27/2017)

Encouraging new housing development of vacant or under-used properties would spur economic growth, reduce monthly household costs, cut greenhouse gas emissions and help California meets its climate goals, according to a report released today.
Mel Wilson broker and owner of Mel Wilson & Associates Realtors in Northridge, said infill development is one of the easiest ways to boost the region’s supply of homes. He also pointed to two bills that went into effect in January...Read More