Richard Brazil was an adult when he learned just how deep his roots ran in Hawaii—all the way back to King Kamehameha the Great and Alexander Adams, Captain of the King’s Fleet and designer of the Hawaiian flag. These revelations filled this local professional with a great sense of pride. But as he delved more deeply into his mother’s genealogy, Richard made several discoveries that would change the course of his life. He learned that his Great Grandmother practically gave away 4,000 acres of land on Kauai, and his Great Grandfather gave up his rights to any part of 2,500 acres on Oahu. Richard’s third cousins kept that land to themselves and became one of the wealthiest and most influential families in Hawaii.

A Lasting Lesson

The lesson was as lasting as it was sobering for Richard. “I realized that the decisions you make today can dramatically affect tomorrow,” he says. Since learning about his roots, Richard has been driven to create a better destiny for his family. “I know what I do now will affect the generations to come,” he says, “I literally gained a vision for my family’s future by studying my past.” That vision not only drives Richard’s personal aspirations, it also serves as the foundation for his professional career. For Richard, there’s nothing more gratifying than helping people create brighter futures for their families.

A Heritage of Hard Work

As a child growing up in Hawaii, Richard’s own future looked as though it would be shaped by the dairy farm that had been the family business for three generations. But Richard’s father encouraged him to think outside the box and take advantage of the many opportunities available to him. So Richard studied computers at Control Data Institute and subsequently joined GTE Hawaiian Tel., where he moved up to become the lead technician for Hawaii’s 911 system and a union chief shop steward. Within a year, he was asked to join the union contract negotiating team. When GTE was purchased by Bell Atlantic and renamed Verizon, Richard took a management position in the Thousand Oaks office. The boy who had grown up on a dairy farm had become an ADSL Administrator, one of a few people chosen nationwide to start the ADSL network for Verizon in the United States. Richard had reshaped his destiny.

A Change in Course

The experience had such an impact on Richard that he felt compelled to help others shape their futures. He found the perfect way to do so through real estate. Richard understands that buying or selling property is a major event in a person’s life, and he enjoys being a part of that experience. As the Broker and Owner of Millennium One Realty, he provides his clients with comprehensive support and service to help them make the most of their valuable investments from the first meeting to well beyond the final closing. Richard and his team and professionals are always available to answer questions and offer advice, whether it’s for a contractor for a remodel or information on a particular neighborhood.

Connecting You to a Brighter Future

With 20+ years of experience in real estate, Richard offers buyers and sellers alike a wide variety of benefits, from his extensive knowledge of the market to his exceptional negotiating skills. Richard’s clients are able to relax throughout the process because they know they can count on him to stay on top of things and keep them informed with frequent status updates. But perhaps most important of all, everyone who works with Richard gains a clear vision of both the value of their investment and how it will benefit their future.

Because Richard understands personally just how much the decisions you make today can affect your family for generations, he’s made it his mission to help you make the right choices to benefit your family for years to come. If you’re considering the sale or purchase of a home in Ventura or Upper Los Angeles Counties, Richard Brazil is Your Link to a Brighter Future. Call him for a complimentary consultation.

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