Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Northridge Home During the Summer

July 28,2022 | Posted By Mel Wilson in Real Estate
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Time is a fickle mistress. This is especially true when it comes to selling a home. Sometimes, homeowners in Northridge, CA, accidentally choose the slowest month for property sales and are stuck with everything that it entails. With its longer and comfier days and warmer weather, selling your home in the summer is one of the best options.

Besides summer weather blessing our skies with sunshine, summer is an ideal time to sell your Northridge home as property demand is high. Summer has always offered the ideal opportunity to sell a home and deal in real estate in Northridge. And with a unique set of circumstances this year, selling your house or Northridge real estate this summer can be a breeze.

So, why is summer the best time to sell a house? There are several reasons. During the summer months, families usually feel a sense of urgency to purchase a home and move while the children are out of school. While selling your home in the summer might not fully align with conventional wisdom, it could be an excellent opportunity for you to get the best price. Here’s why:

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Top Reasons to Sell Your Northridge House This Summer


1. High Demand for Homes

According to the latest Buyer Traffic Index from NAR (National Association of Realtors), buyer demand during summer remains strong throughout the country, including Northridge. Homebuyers are willing, ready, and able to buy. In many cases, multiple homebuyers are competing with each other for the same house.

The most significant advantage to listing and selling in summer is obvious — higher demand or having more potential buyers looking for Northridge homes for sale usually results in a higher sale price for your home.

If your realtor or real estate agent markets your home effectively, you will likely get potential buyers through the door and fetch a good price.

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2. Buyers Find it More Appealing to Move During the Summer

The pleasant and comfy weather in summer makes it easier and more convenient to move. This also means that sellers and buyers in Northridge will be eager and willing to close a property deal during the summer months.

You probably know that moving boxes and valuable possessions on a hot and sultry summer’s day is more appealing and convenient than carrying out the same process on a damp and cold wintry day, with frigidly cold weather slowing you down.

Also, when the children are off school, it is easier and quicker for parents to pack up and move. Moreover, summer offers a natural break and gives children a great chance to adjust to their new surroundings and environment before the fall.

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3. You will Get More Time to Focus on the Sale

You probably know that summer is the most popular season for people to take their vacation time. Also, keep in mind that even if you are not taking time off work, the pleasant summer weather has the added benefit and convenience of having the longest days and weekends.

Long days and weekends mean that you’ll have more time to adequately list your Northridge home, talk to potential homebuyers, draw up offers, and eventually sell your house. And a Northridge real estate expert will help you achieve your goals.

4. Make the Most of Curb Appeal

One of the best and quickest ways to boost the value of your Northridge home is to boost its curb appeal, which peaks during the summertime. And unless you reside in a lush fall foliage wonderland, it is likely that your Northridge home will never look as lovely and elegant as it does during a gorgeous and warm summer afternoon. This is because gardens and yards are in full bloom, and your grass is at its greenest.

5. Less Competition from Other Property Sellers

Did you know that home sellers in Northridge are encouraged to list their homes in the spring? As a result, there might be fewer homes or properties in the market. With considerably less competition from other home sellers, your Northridge home has a much better chance of standing out and selling faster.

6. Buyers are More Motivated to Close

There is often more urgency among house hunters to find the best house in the summer. Homebuyers in Northridge might have missed out on an excellent house during the spring months and may want to close on a property before the school year starts in the fall.

Also, as summer vacations come to an end and children are getting ready to return to school, it can feel like time is running out. If you are a seller, this means that motivated homebuyers will not want to drag their feet.

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7. Showcase and Highlight Unique Outdoor Features

If your deck is stunning or you’ve the perfect porch, there is no better time than summer to show it off! Selling in summer means that you can make the most of your various outdoor living spaces, such as porches, by staging them like you would an indoor space.

Solar-powered lights, new cushions, potted plants, and stylish furniture pieces can help extend a living space to the outside of your Northridge home.

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