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The 2019 VA Home Loan limit increased to $690,000 a 6.19% increase in San Diego Counties. 
The maximum conforming VA loan limits for mortgages acquired by Fannie Mae and
Freddie Mac are determined by the The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA).

2019 VA Loan limits apply to all loans closed January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.
These limits do apply to most military borrowers. These increased VA loan limits are intended to allow
Military borrowers in more expensive loan markets to borrow more without having to put
any money down. In most markets the VA loan limit is $453,100.


VA Home Loan Myths

There are many VA home loan myths out there that deter people from fulfilling their dream to own a home. 
Within the VA Loan field there tends to be multiple myths concerning when and who can be eligible for a VA Loan. Do not allow these typical misconceptions to deter you from searching into it and hopefully the data given here will assist you in securing a loan for your house. Here are a few myths explained.

Myth 1: I do not have a full 2 years of service - therefore I'm not qualified.

This isn’t necessarily the whole truth across the board. As a general rule for eligibility, the Veteran handbook reports that a veteran is qualified for VA housing loan benefits if she or he served on active duty within the Coast Guard, Marine Corps,
Air Force, Navy, or Army was discharged underneath conditions other than dishonorable following either:
ninety days or more, any portion of which happened within wartime.
181 continual days or above (Peacetime).
Two-Year Requirement: A longer length of service requirement has to be met by veterans who:
Enlisted (then service began) following September 7th, 1980
Was an officer, plus service started following October 16th, 1981
Those veterans have to have either completed: Twenty-four continual months or beyond
The complete span for which ordered to active duty, yet not less than ninety days
(any portion within wartime) or 181 continual days (peacetime).

Myth 2: I only can utilize my VA benefit for my Initial Home.

There are multiple situations where you might reuse your VA entitlement to secure
a housing loan, according to VA guidelines:
Entitlement that was previously utilized in conjunction with a VA housing loan might be restored
underneath specific circumstances. When restored, it could be utilized again for additional VA Loans.
Restoration of previously utilized entitlement is probable if:
The property that secured the VA guaranteed loan was sold, and the loan was paid in full.
A qualified veteran-transferee agreed to assume the outstanding balance upon the VA loan
and substitute her or his entitlement for the same quantity initially utilized upon the loan.
The assuming veteran has to additionally meet occupancy, credit and income requirements of the law.
The previous VA loan was paid in full and a veteran has made application for the loan to be
secured by the exact same property that secured the previous VA loan.
The previous VA loan was paid in full, yet the veteran hasn’t disposed of the property that secured the loan.

Myth 3: I have a foreclosure or bankruptcy upon my credit history,

so I'm qualified for a VA loan.

A bankruptcy within an applicant’s (or a spouse’s) credit history doesn’t in itself disqualify a loan,
according to VA guidelines. A good credit history especially after the bankruptcy and length of time
since the bankruptcy can be contributing positive factors towards still qualifying.

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